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15 Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flights

15 Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flights

Heading out to the airport is not as easy as it used to be. You must reach the airport hours in advance to book in and then you have those long lineups to get through security. This is where they usually pad me down or have me twirl in a special cylinder or swab my hands or all of the above before I head over to the next station of trying to find an available seat as I patiently wait to board my flight. 

If at all possible, try not to drink any alcohol the night before and instead have an Electrolyte drink which will help you stay hydrated for the following day. If possible bring some electrolyte tablets with you and add them to your water bottle during your flight. Your body will love you for that.


So let’s get started with #1

  1. Bacteria Killing WIPES – now in case you did not know planes are ones of the filthiest place to hang out in. However, if you get into the habit of just cleaning your space prior to getting organized in your seat – you are doing yourself a big favour. DYK that the headrest on your seat is the dirtiest area on a plane because people do not wash their hands and E. coli has been found due to human faeces.  So wipe down the headrest, the seat pocket in front of you, the tray table and the armrests. Also, carry 2 extra sheets with you when you head to the washroom for door handles … entering and existing.
  2. Neck Pillow – ideal pillow should keep your head and neck in neutral alignment with your spine.
  3. Sleep Mask – Bucky 40 Blinks moulded eye mask so your lashes don’t get crushed and your makeup stays fresh.
  4. Earplugs – for the crying babies that will inevitably be sitting near you.
  5. Noise Cancelling Headphone or Noise Cancelling Earbuds – Sony, Apply, Bose.
  6. iPad – Own Entertainment System – download movies and books.
  7. USB battery.
  8. Shawl or Wrap for shoulders or if you are under an air vent or have a window seat it will keep you warm or as an extra pillow.
  9. Travel Blanket – really lightweight and warm so check out the microfibre combination.
  10. Compression socks:

Work by promoting blood flowing back up the leg against gravity and so the sock is tighter at the bottom than the top. The sock must be snug but not uncomfortable and you should be able to wear them all day long. Help out with Varicose veins and relieve pressure which prevents blood from flowing backwards or pooling. Studies have indicated that compression socks can increase blood flow up to 40% more so when you arrive at your destination you are not as fatigued. Check out

  1. Slipper Shoes – lightweight – Apollo Mac or Adidas.
  2. Comfortable clothing – elastic waist on pants, stretchy fabrics, natural fabrics works best like cotton + bamboo plus a great sweater from the
  3. Water bottle – avoid alcohol,coffee + chocolate – higher altitudes – skin – headaches add your electrolyte tablets to your water bottle because they regulate nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body, balance blood acidity and pressure and help rebuild damaged tissue.
  4. Medication – Tylenol for headaches/ Allergy medication if your ears are bothered by pressure take 1 hour in advance before landing and chew gum, gravel is your tummy gets upset
  5. Protein Bars as a healthy snack – great recipe ‘Carrot Cake Bars’ from Julie Daniluk the Nutritionist on my site.

So I hope that you found this helpful and let me know what your *must-have items are* to travel with.

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Until next time it’s Linda Ferguson – Helping you discover your inner FASHiONiSTA

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