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2019 Colours of Summer

Even as the snow falls lightly outside my studio window, I know that spring is not far away. The song birds have returned to our bird feeder and the smells of spring are in the air.

The 2019 colour of the year from Pantone is “Living Coral” which is the most beautiful soft shade of blush, which is posted below in the first block on the second row.

What I love about the colour coral, is that it compliments everyone’s skin tone. That is because of the reddish or pinkish shade of orange in them. The colour coral is named after the sea animals also named corals.

Fabrics this spring will consist of tie-dye accents, animal prints, bold checks, words printed on fabrics to make a statement or support the brand, lots of florals and polka-dots plus don’t forget about paisley.

Styles will be loose and flowing with lots of skirts making a statement synched at the waist with big bold belts. To big palazzo pants made from silks and chiffons that just float when you walk.

Whatever your style is, try to inject some fun into your spring and summer looks this year with colours that pop. Remember that the colour coral is best matched with colours that are opposite on the colour wheel.

Great colours to match with ‘Coral’ are teal and light grey; aqua and yellow; pink and raspberry; navy blue; various shades of greens; turquoise; gold; plum and of course black. So you have a wide range to choose from and if you are just super casual, then denim is your perfect match!

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