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2019 Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion 2019

As the end of August fast approaches, I embrace the Autumn season with joy. The changing colours of the seasons and the laying of clothing pieces with their different textures and weaves is my favourite season of the year. For the 2019 Fall Season, we have seen some really great looks and some that will not make it into the mainstream of the fashion world. Phew!

But my first love in fashion has always fixated on a great coat. A coat that has plenty of room for you to layer pieces underneath is simply ideal. When you have a great coat you can pretty much wear anything underneath and then just add your lipstick and girl, you are good to go.

This fall you see many of those ‘Itty Bitty Bags’ which are so friggin small that your phone will not even fit into them. Then we have the colour ‘Mauve’ which has been tagged as ‘Millennial Purple’ which I refer to as the granny colour. Ah, but another blast from the past is the ubiquitous ‘Cape’. I have had a few in my time and they certainly add a pop of elegance to any outfit. Another fun element to fashion this fall are feathers on everything. But the cinched suiting might be a look that women find very comfortable and stylish.

Statement HATS are big this fall so watch for them and combine it with your Cape or Big Coat. Also, you will find the power shoulder on many of the outerwear this fall giving us that 1980’s look of bold style, colours and silhouettes. The 1980s was one of the most eclectic decades in fashion so get ready for it, as it is back!

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