Image & Wardrobe Consultations


Image & Wardrobe Consultations:   $300. CDN

This 2 hour Image & Wardrobe Consultation will change the way you shop for clothing. Not only will you learn how to save money and only invest in quality pieces. But you will also learn how to mix pieces together to give you even more great looks. I show up at your home with my industrial clothing rack and full length mirror and we go over the items in your closet that are not serving you the best. We talk about function, form and colour, along with your body type and your skin type, plus I give you the tools to build on a wardrobe that is polished and professional. We discuss everything from undergarments to footwear and the jewellery colour that compliments your skin type the best. Any clothing that is not working for you can be recycled or donated to your favourite charity. When you are done with it, give it to a sister to enjoy.

Gift Certificates are available upon request, and they make a great gift for that person who has a closet full of clothing, but has nothing to wear.

Shopping Safari:   $500. CDN

This 4 hour Shopping Safari is perfect for the woman who is challenged by colours or styles when it comes to shopping. This is where we start with undergarments and work outward towards a complete new look. It is important to understand how to have your dollars go the extra mile, and when you invest in good quality garments, this is when you save money. Book a 1 hour complimentary Shopping Safari appointment prior to hitting the boutiques, where we discuss the detailed itinerary for the Shopping Safari appointment.

Gift Certificates are available upon request and they make a great gift for any woman who wants to have a professional onboard when shopping.

As a Fashion Designer and Skin Care Educator, I am passionate about helping women present their best selves to the world. If you want to learn the basic tools on how you can look and feel your best, have a listen to my 30-minute audiobook below entitled  Wardrobe 101: 13 Items Every Women Needs In Her Wardrobe or download the pdf here > Wardrobe Basics 101

Happy Listening