Frump to FABULOUS MakeOver

Two lucky winners were selected on April 12th, 2018 for the ‘Frump to FABULOUS MakeOver’  fundraiser in Victoria, BC, and they were ‘Claudette Fitzsimmons’ and ‘RaeLeigh Buchanan’ .

Both women had to submit an entry form and then gave their reasons why they felt they deserved to be selected for a Frump to FABULOUS makeover.

There were so many women who submitted forms, however only two could be selected and we are very excited about how this transformation is going to effect both Claudette and RaeLeigh.

The Frump to Fabulous Makeover supports Victoria Women’s Transition House

Over the next 5 months I will be meeting with these women and will be discussing what their Body Type is; their Skin Tone Colour; Colours that look best on them; Hairstyles that flatter the shape of their face; why Undergarments are the foundation of all outfits; learning how to apply Make-Up that enhances their appearance; how to make Fitness and Nutrition a part of their every day life and so much more.

By meeting with the professionals in Hair; Make-Up; Skincare; Health, Fitness and Fashion these women will be totally transformed by September 12th, 2018 where the big reveal will happen in Victoria, BC.

So stay tuned for updates on our Youtube Channel and on the Blog, as we meet monthly to discuss with these women, what they are learning about themselves through this personal transformation.

There will be something for everyone, as I teach women what to look for when shopping for clothing pieces that are a great addition and investment to any woman’s wardrobe.

Always remember to ‘Invest in Yourself FIRST so that your Greatness can Shine’.

So come out and support these at women for the Big Reveal