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Closet Organization TIPS

Let’s face it, when our closets are cluttered and dishevelled we are stressed.

As a Fashion Designer who designs custom clothing, I also help my clients with an Image and Wardrobe Consultation services.

Part of the stress of getting out the door every day – when we are not in lockdown in the middle of a global pandemic – is that the clothing pieces that we need are not readily available. From what I see by going into peoples closets is that they lack a simple system. 

It has nothing to do with the closet size, it is just that we need the basics in order to feel like we are in control and know where everything is in an instant.

So make yourself a cup of tea and let’s get started.

1…First thing is to empty your entire closet. You cannot organize a closet with clothing in it. That just’s straightening it up and that is not our goal. We need to move everything out of the closet to determine if we need a closet kit to add more shelves or a different type of bar if we wear a lot of long or short items. By doing it this way, we only put back pieces that fit us and we love them. Once our clothing is out of the closet, and our shelves or new rods have been installed, start putting back your clothes. But have a 3 empty laundry baskets available for 1. Donation 2. Swap sale/Virtual Party 3. Second-hand shop.

2…Lighting: this has to be one of my pet peeves because it is totally unthinkable to not have lighting in a closet. It’s like not having lighting in your kitchen.  But understand that all lighting is not the same. You need a fixture that provides the most flattering light. What that means is that the colour temperature of your light bulb should be between 3000 to 3500 kelvin LED or compact fluorescent bulb. This will provide a clean white light that is ideal for closets. In a small closet, you will need the equivalent of 150 watts or 2,000 lumens of light. As your closet gets bigger multiply the wattage accordingly.  Fluorescent light bulbs are the top choice for closets because it’s the coolest-running light and is relatively energy-efficient. Now if you do not have a light in our closet you can opt for ‘Wireless Motion Lights’ or ‘Battery-Operated Lighting’ available at your local hardware store. Also, white walls and floors are ideal for a closet and install many mirrors so that the light will bounce around the space.

3…Hangers: this makes such a big difference in not only how much extra space to get in your closet when your hangers are all the same size, but it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Also, make sure that your clothing is all hung in the same direction. This simple trick keeps clothing falling nicely and always looking good and ready to wear. 

4…Organize your closet by COLOUR: this is such a calming way to see where everything is in your closet and it provides for fast access to that special piece that will make your look pop. 

5…Shoes + Boots: Also, organize by activity so that all your flats are on a couple of shelves and your heels are on another. Place your shoes in the opposite direction of one another to save space. Tall boots should always be filled with cardboard, old magazines or hung on a pant hanger so that they always look like new and not falling down.

6…Drawer Organizers: these have been around for a long time. They are perfect for lingerie, jewellery, socks and leggings which always seem to get lost in your drawers.

7…Full-Length Mirror: Just like you check your teeth to make sure that they are clean and there are no seeds in them before you head out the door. The full-length mirror does a quick check on how your clothing hangs on you and your eyes will notice if a hem is starting to unravel or if there is a stain on your lapel that you might have missed. Because the well-dressed woman understands that her clothing should always be portioned with her body type.

8…Closet Kit: I love this idea as it keeps everything organized in one place. You have your Lint Roller, Sewing Kit; Mini Panty Liners; Scissors; Style Stick; Double-Sided Tape; Tide to Go – these items always stay in the ‘Closet Kit’ so you are not running all over looking for something at the last minute.

9…One of my favourites is the ‘Telescopic Valet Rod’ which is the coolest thing because this allows you to see all your pieces that you are going to wear and you can do this the night before to save time in the morning. Then when you are finished using it is slides away neat and tidy and takes up no space.

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