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Being a *Entrepreneur* is a part of my DNA since I can remember. In fact I used to sell holiday cards door-to-door back in the day when I was a young girl. Then in high school beaded headbands were all the rage, so I designed and created them and sold them to my classmates. My brain was always thinking of different ways to fill that void for consumers. If I could create it and it would be a viable project and I enjoyed it, then I would engage and make that happen. When I look at things in life and all around me today, they have to be *beautiful* to look at but also functional and not just another item for me to dust:)

Being in charge of where your life is going is not easy, but it is way more FUN than the alternative. You have to train yourself to be disciplined and not fall into the black hole of social media and/or laundry:)

But I get that it is not for everyone. However, I have found that over the years that the only thing that sets achievers apart is *Mindset*. This one thing will determine whether or not you are a nine to fiver or an eighty hour a week kinda gal. Because all entrepreneurs work everyday pretty much, and basically love what they do. You just have to, otherwise you would simply burn-OUT!

(1) Choose a career you Love.

  • “Choose.” This is an intentional, proactive word. It communicates both decision and ownership. It puts 100 percent of the responsibility for finding work you love on your shoulders.
  • “Love.” This word communicates passion, intensity, yearning, appreciation, and commitment.

(2) Give it the Best there is in YOU.

  • “Give.” Serve instead of taking. Overdeliver. Add value. A key ingredient in the recipe for success is to be altruistic, not self-serving.
  • “Best.” Don’t check out and whine; show up and shine! Remember, average never impacts and normal people don’t make history.
  • “In You.” The ingredients for success are inside of you, and they can only shine through when you embrace your best self.

(3) Seize your Opportunities.

  • “Seize.” This is another intentional, proactive word, and it’s even more powerful than “choose.” It communicates that you catch, grab, and aggressively take hold of something.
  • “Opportunities.” Have you ever considered the problems you face are actually opportunities looking for solutions?

(4) Be a Team Player.

  • “Be.” This is an active word, even though it might appear passive on the surface. Your actions are shaped by who you are, so in order to “do” anything significant on a consistent basis, you have to actively invest time and energy in developing and growing at the core of your “being.”
  • “Player.” Someone who cares more about helping a group or Team to succeed than about his or her individual success.
  • “Team.” The teams you choose in life and business shape you tremendously. As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

* Choose work you Love * Give your Best * Seize Opportunities * Be a Team Player *

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