Face Masks

Keeping us all safe and healthy is our #1 priority at  ‘Frump to FABULOUS’  as we navigate through these unprecedented times in this global coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

We have children’s sizes right up to an extra-large that is perfect for our men who have beards 😷

All Face Masks are lined with 100% cotton sheeting on the inside and with an elastic that goes behind the neck for additional comfort and fit.

You should wash your ‘Face Mask’ in soap and water at the end of each day, then hang it to dry so it is ready for your next outing.

Watch this great video on the link below, that shows you by wearing a face mask can actually keep us all safe and healthy.

Masks Protect Us All

** Disclaimer: Fabric Masks will not prevent you from getting the coronavirus but it will keep out 50% of the bacteria that you might ingest when in a public place **

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