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Face Masks and what You need to Know!

Face Masks

Face Masks in a variety of colours and prints are all the rage right now. Since we all know that it is basically just ‘smart’ to wear a face mask, they also have to be comfortable and the fabric must be breathable. Ideally, your fabric should be of a natural fibre like 100% cotton and it should have at least two layers of fabric. At Frump to Fabulous we use 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric that can be washed out daily and hung to dry overnight. That way the face mask will protect YOU and it will protect ME. Any polyester face mask will make breathing more difficult as it captures and holds moisture, so that is not a healthy safe choice. Also, thicker fabrics do not work as well so your fabric choice is the most deciding factor when buying a face mask.

Face masks

I began designing ‘Face Masks’ for the public in March 2020 as it was very difficult to purchase them as the Health Care Industry was buying up all the supplies. But now that we are still wearing Face Masks in 2021 until we have all received our vaccine shots, know what to look for when buying a face mask.

The fabric should be the most important factor as the weave of the fabric should be very close and tight together. If you hold the fabric up to the light and you can see right through it, you should probably not purchase that mask. Also, polyester is plastic basically so if you are comfortable wearing a plastic bag on your face go for it.

Just remember if breathing is difficult when wearing a Face Mask you should swap it out for another type. You don’t want to put pressure on your heart when simply breathing while trying to protect yourself from COVID19.

Also, look for elastics that wrap around the back of your head for ease of wear. They are available from Frump to Fabulous in an assortment of colours and sizes for the whole family. When you are wearing a facemask all day long, the elastic pulls your ears forward and it will become quite uncomfortable. They are many products out there that will help with that problem like buttons on headbands and clips but check out this link for more options.

If you still have questions about Face Masks please just reach out and contact me at as I would be happy to help you stay safe.đŸ˜·

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