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Fashion Colours in 2020

Every year the colour experts at Pantone share their vision of the colours that will influence our shopping experience in products sold to consumers.

These colours will affect the fashion industry, interior designers to most of the products that we all purchase.

Now the colour industry is a huge business and a very exciting industry to work in.

So today I’m excited to share the 12 top colours for 2020.

Every fall Pantone picks a colour of the year, and for 2020 that colour is ‘Classic Blue’.

I simply love this colour for so many reasons because it is kind to all skin types and looks good on most people and plays well with other colours in the colour wheel.

DYK that blue is the favourite colour for TV personalities so remember that the next time you are on TV.

Once the colour of the year has been selected, then Pantone releases complementary colours that go beautifully with their choice.


Classic Blue + Flame Scarlet


  Saffron +  Biscay Green


Chive + Faded Denim


Orange Peel + Mosaic Blue


Sunlight + Coral Pink


Cinnamon Stick + Grape Compote

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