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Fashion Styles for Women 40+

With so many of the Fashion magazines today all showcasing millennials, it is obvious that they totally miss out on an entire generation of women who still like to look good.

If you struggle with that, subscribe to my ‘Friday Fashion TIP’ that will guide you with the basics on this journey.

As a Fashion Designer it drives me crazy, because even though I may not be a young person, I still value looking good and being put together every single day.

If you enjoy taking care of yourself and getting dressed every day, it really doesn’t stop when you turn 60.

The rules on dressing for your age have just changed a little, because your body has changed and nobody needs to know all of that 🙂

So remember to add more colour to your wardrobe as you age. We need to do that because our skin loses that lovely peachy glow that we had in our youth.

If you don’t wear make-up you look even more washed out, but colours will gently bring that back and add life to your look.

From ragging hormones, medications to menopause – weight gain is really hard on the female body, but there are all kinds of clothing pieces that can help you camouflage those areas.

Below are two great examples of how to look put-together day to day. Try to include three colours in your wardrobe selection and if possible, a print with a solid is best.

Fashion TIPS:

  • Always take your body type into account and avoid buying clothes that do not flatter you or are too tight
  • Avoid a busy polished look as it is much better to mix things and look more playful
  • Avoid cheap fabrics as they will just cost you money, that is why you should always invest is good quality fabrics as they will last a long time and give you a more polished look
  • Avoid wearing tight skirts, pants and tight tops as it is much better to go for a loose top and a tight bottom or vice-versa
  • I highly recommend you avoid wearing: really short shorts, mini-skirts, ripped jeans, unfitted blazers and baggy tops
  • Determine your wardrobe essentials, those are the pieces that are your go-to when in doubt
  • You should own a long coat, beautiful dress, fitted long pants, fitted blazer, good pair of jeans, white button-down shirt, beautiful flat shoes, gorgeous kitten heeled shoes and a great bag
  • You can always play with accessories: belts, hats and jewelry that will add drama and femininity to any look.

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