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Holiday Decorating Ideas that invite everyone Home



As a Fashion Designer, when I am not designing beautiful clothing for myself and my clients, I am designing for our home.  I simply love Interior Design and I enjoy making our home warm and festive for family and guests throughout the holiday season. However, the holidays seem to just creep up on us right after Halloween. Every year it seems that we never have enough time to do all the really cool stuff that we wanted to accomplish.

So I thought I would share this really easy DIY project for the outside of the home. This way it will jump start those great holiday decorating ideas into your head, so hopefully this year you will feel that you finally triumphed.

Personally because of my busy schedule, I can only tackle one new project a week. So if I am browsing on Pinterest and see some amazing ideas, I pin those to a new board called the *2018 Holiday Decorating*. I also have a board for *Cocktail Parties* and *Holiday Baking* because it keeps everything organized and I love a system:).

I usually block off time like a hour Sunday morning, to just search and bin and then I move on. When I am finally ready to tackle my new project, I head to my boards and decide which project moves me the most.

To handle all the overwhelming demands on us in December, I have found that the month of November is the perfect time to prepare yourself for what you would like to accomplish in December.  That can be baking, hosting a party, or simply just decorating the house, this all takes time. You need to block out time in your calendar to manage all of these extra jobs so that you enjoy the month of December. If you don’t have a plan, then plan to fail because this is not my first rodeo:).



So let’s start with this very easy DIY project. Gift wrapped boxes in different sizes all tied up with LED lights and a beautiful plaid bow. Display them at the entrance to your home and the soft lights will produce a lovely glow that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. If you stager the boxes on the front steps it will give you more curb appeal from a distance. Always do the final check out on your sidewalk or at the end of your driveway to get a visual. Staggered boxes on an angle with different heights is always more pleasing to the eye.

What you need:

  1.     3 different sizes of cardboard boxes
  2.      garland
  3.      LED lights
  4.      ribbon
  5.      ivy for the final touch

You can also use any extra ribbon and weave it through your front step railings or around your front door wreath for continuity. Mini-lights at the entrance of any home are always so welcoming and it looks beautiful in the darkness of the night. I purchased at Michales Craft Store a mini-light set with a battery that you can manually turn off and on. I wove the lights discreetly around my front door wreath and turn it on when it gets dark outside, and then before bed I turn it off. Every year I add personal touches to my front door wreath and one of my favourite items right now are those little furry birds that you just clip onto the wreath. They are so darn cute and are available in many different colours and sizes and it is a lovely way of bringing nature indoors.

For more ideas and suggestions just check out my Pinterest Boards click here and for Fashion TIPS and advice you can sign-up here. Also, if a Mini-Facial is something that you would like to experience, then click here on the *GIVEAWAY* and I will drop one in the mail for you.

I would love to hear from you so please reach out and let me know what your favourite holiday decorating tips are, and I just might share them with my tribe.

“Great thoughts always come from the Heart”


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