Fashion Tips for women who love looking great!

I am super pumped about being able to finally serve all of you in one easy place – here at ‘Frump to FABULOUS’.

As a Fashion Designer, Skin Care Educator, Stylist and Event Planner, I help women transition to be the very BEST they can possibly be.

Working with women most of my lifetime has helped me understand, that women are never happy with their bodies.

But when you know what your body type is and what colours and clothing styles flatter you, everything changes in a positive way.

My vision in life, has been to teach women how to take care of their bodies as we age, learn what to look for in skincare products that push-back-time, and still look stylish and FAB at any age or dress size! Because ‘Girl’ we are worth it:)

You know when you are looking good, standing in front of that mirror, you immediately feel ‘Empowered and Confident’ and that is how I want you to feel every single day!

I want to provide you with a resource where you can find helpful information on *SKIN * FASHION * FOOD * HEALTH + LIFESTYLE*.

So if now is the time for you to invest in yourself, let’s have some fun and dive right in!

“Who looks outside, Dreams;

Who looks inside, Awakes”

Carl Gustav Jung


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