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How to enjoy Sunday Brunch during Covid19


This is the time of year when we all get excited about hanging out with our friends and loving family members. But in 2020, we are learning how to navigate through this Global Coronavirus Pandemic, where life looks a lot different.

In the past when I met with friends it was such a casual affair, but now since I have been in lock-down mode for several months, I am getting excited to dress up and connect with people in real-time and in person.

It gets boring wearing the same thing every single day, that is why I like to crank it up a notch and make an effort when I meet with friends.

The ZOOM suit which became very popular in March 2020, was a lark and the point was clearly made.

So a 2020 Sunday Brunch will look a little different than before as the rules have changed, and safety has now become priority number one.

As I write this article Face Masks are now mandatory in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario Canada in all public places.

At the end of July 2020, Face Masks will be mandatory in all public places in Montreal Canada as well.

Globally most of the world is united in keeping people safe from one another by simply wearing a Face Mask as is indicated in these stats.

So make some effort if you are one of the lucky ones to see your friends again after such a long hiatus.

If you are like me and dislike the feel of hand sanitizers then just carry some disposable gloves with you everywhere you go.

I travel with a box of disposable gloves in my car so that when I need them to enter a store I just put one on my right hand and use it when touching public surfaces.

Also, pack a few Face Masks and be prepared as these new rules are going to be with us for some time now.

Please stay safe and healthy and if you are looking for some top quality ‘Face Masks’ I offer up a great selection in my store at Frump to FABULOUS.

Until next time,

Ciao Bella




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