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How to find the BEST Lipstick Shade for You?

How to find the BEST Lipstick Shade for YOU!

As a woman with very fair skin, it is difficult to find the BEST lipstick shade unless you know what your skin tone is.

Your skin tone or your undertone is different for everyone, and it is the hue that comes through the skin from underneath the surface.

Skin tones are either WARM, COOL or NEUTRAL and to find out which skin tone you have let’s do this.

Lip Colour

Let’s take the Wrist Test: If your veins look purple or blue then you have Cool undertones.

If your veins appear greenish, yellow or olive, you will have Warm undertones.

If it is difficult to determine which is the dominant vein colour, then most likely you have Neutral undertones and Lucky YOU.

Cool undertones tend to favour fairer skin like me, while those with warm undertones have a golden or olive hue to the skin.

Cool undertones have a pink, red or bluish hue to the skin, they BURN easily when exposed to the sun and silver jewellery looks better on their skin than gold jewellery.

Warm undertones tan fairly easily and gold jewellery looks better on them than silver jewellery.

Now that we know what our skin tone is let’s talk about which Lip Shade looks best on us.

Warm undertones – orange-based reds bring out your undertones like peachy pink or salmon hues.

Cool undertones – they need reds with a blue base to warm them up.

Neutral undertones can wear both the orange-based reds + blue reds beautifully.

DYK that Lip Rouge was quite the status symbol of power back in ancient Egypt when men and women both wore lip rouge.

Cleopatra wore a lovely shade of red that consisted of a crazy concoction of crushed insects, fish scales and beeswax.

Then in 1923, the swivel stick lipstick was introduced and we have never looked back.

One of my favourite Lipsticks is by Christian Louboutin as the Lipstick case is also a work of ART.

This is a Lipstick that you can hang around your neck on a silver chain – no need for a purse.


Once you have found your perfect lip shade remember to match the colour with a Lip Pencil because when you outline your lips with a Lip Pencil it stops the lipstick from bleeding because the Lip Pencil has wax in it which keeps everything in place.

But remember that before you apply any Lipstick to your luscious lips they need to be healthy.

Before bed you should exfoliate your lips lightly with a wash cloth and then apply a vitamin E & aloe cream

Staying hydrated during the day will keep your lips looking plump and always use a Lip balm with an SPF.

I hope that you found this helpful and let me know what your favourite Lipstick shade is?


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