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How to use a Derma ROLLER

The derma-roller is here to stay. Named one of 2018’s biggest beauty trends, this self-care tool has earned the staying power some other buzzy fads have not (we’re talking to you, vampire facial and fish pedicure).

Why? With regular use, derma-rolling delivers real results.  In fact, at Rodan + Fields, we call our AMP MD Derma-Roller, combined with our Intensive Renewing Serum, “the best-spent minute in skincare.” The Derma-Roller prepares skin to better absorb the serum, helping deliver visible improvements in lines, wrinkles and skin firmness in just four weeks.

Here’s everything you need to know about derma-rolling:

What is a derma-roller?

A derma-roller is a micro-exfoliating tool first developed for use in dermatology offices. The REDEFINE AMP MD Derma-Roller brings the benefits of derma-rolling to home users. Its proprietary, high-precision tips safely and gently condition the skin, which makes the products applied afterward more effective.

Why should I use a derma-roller?

With regular use of a derma-roller, you will see better, faster results from your skincare products. At Rodan + Fields, we recommend our AMP MD Derma-Roller as an add-on to our REDEFINE and REVERSE Brightening Regimens.

How do I use a derma-roller?

At night, after cleansing and toning, gently roll the tool over your skin. Pass it four to 10 times over your face, neck and chest. Roll up and down, side to side and diagonally, avoiding the eye area. If this takes you more than a minute, you’re rolling too long!

For more information on how to use the AMP MD Derma-Roller, check out this video.

What does derma-rolling feel like?

It might seem intimidating your first few times, but derma-rolling is surprisingly comfortable. The sensation is like a slightly tingly massage.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use a derma-roller?

The AMP MD Derma-Roller is not recommended for people with acne or sensitive skin. It should not be used with the Rodan + Fields REVERSE Lightening Regimen, UNBLEMISH Regimen or SOOTHE Regimen.

Disappointed? Not to worry. Its product partner,  Intensive Renewing Serum, works with any Rodan + Fields Regimen. If you use our REVERSE Lightening Regimen, UNBLEMISH or SOOTHE, just apply the serum without rolling first.

How do I care for my derma-roller?

To keep your AMP MD Derma-Roller in top shape, rinse it with warm running water after every use and deep-clean it twice a week with one of the included purifying tablets. Take care not to place it directly on countertops or other hard surfaces, and store it with its protective cap securely in place. Replace your AMP MD Derma-Roller every nine to 12 months to be sure the tips never get dull.

If you have questions about the roller or about any of the other regimens, please just reach out and ask me.


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