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Skincare Revolution!

As a huge fan of the Rodan + Fields multi-med therapy skincare products, I was super excited to learn that R+F products are now even Better + Faster + they do More!

So what does that actually mean? Well, the four core regimen products got a revamp yesterday and it is great to learn that this #1 skincare in North America is now even doing more.

They are 3x’s better and 2x’s faster with their amazing skincare results that help your skin simply glow.

As a REDEFINE girl, because I do have a few wrinkles and fine lines that we just want to eliminate. The REDEFINE skincare line has more anti-aging power at reducing the appearance of wrinkles which is why this is my daily go-to routine.

My skin became very dry over my lip area and around my mouth when I entered menopause causing a lot of flaky dry skin. I could not understand what was going on until I learned all about the loss of estrogen and how it affects your skin texture and feel as women age.

But fortunately for me after using the REDEFINE I have never looked back and my skin has never been healthier.

Skincare regimen

All of the skincare regimens now have a cleaner new look and are performing at their peak while giving us the best-looking skin of our lives.

Find out what your regimen is for your skin type by taking the free Skin Quiz here.

To learn more about how these products will change your life just click here for more information.

With aging comes those nasty dark spots that plague our cheeks, nose and our hands as our skin becomes thinner as we get older.

But now we have a product called ‘Targeted Dark Spot Corrector‘ that will eliminate those dark spots and we have clinical proof. Hallelujah

This will be available in two weeks so get ready for some remarkable skincare changes that will be coming your way!



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