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Spring Dresses & Trends

This spring there is plenty of colour especially with ‘Living Coral’ being the colour of the year, I would expect nothing else. This beautiful colour will compliment most skin tones and add just a hint of reflective colour to your natural skin tone. When we wear colourful clothing pieces the colour bounces off from any light and it adds a lovely glow to our complexion.

Trends this spring are varied but always remember that your special body type does not look good in everything. Blazers, however, are BIG this spring and they are in every colour under the rainbow. The twist this spring & summer is that you will see that most jackets are belted and cinched in at the waist. It gives you more versatility and style. Another trend is the shell-shaped sleeves which are on dresses and tops. This look adds a lot of volume to your torso so big-busted women should avoid this look.

Washed out denim is HOT this spring along with the pronounced extended shoulders of the 1980s. Netting is also popular and it seems to go well with the bicycle shorts that are being worn under everything. My favourite polka dots as also on trend together with whimsical floral prints. But the colours this season are bright and bold so have fun with that.

Another great trend this spring is that the cape is back. Capes are an interesting piece of clothing because they fluctuate in and out of fashion about every decade. You either like them or you don’t. With those pieces, we are also seeing feathers being used along with belts and statement hats to accessorize an outfit to give it your own personal stamp. The very popular asymmetrical necklines are everywhere and also the teeny-weeny bags. These are so darn cute but keep in mind that they only hold a lipstick and a credit card 🙂 YIKES!

“Life is a Party so DRESS like it”

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