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These BOOTS are made for Walking, and that’s just what they’ll DO

The Fall season is my most favourite time of year in the Fashion World. That is when we really get to make a statement with our clothing pieces because there is so much flexibility. Not only do we have gorgeous chunky sweaters, beautiful colours, amazing textures but the layering concept is key for fall and there are so many different choices every single day. Along with great coats and stylist jackets we have footwear, but even better are – BOOTS.  Boots are one of those accessories that just takes your outfit to the next level.

It’s like the nail polish of an outfit. It can be subtle or it can be over-the-top bling, but it will get your attention. Boots are so functional and practical because the heels are usually larger than a shoe, and therefore are much more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Right now you will see a lot of chunky heels which are really comfortable and they come in so many different heights. So go for it and buy yourself a great pair of boots that just make you smile from ear to ear!

As far as styles go we have the ‘Open Toe Bootie, Ankle Boot, Riding Boot and the Freeport’ which are just some of my favourites styles that are simply gorgeous.

In the 19th and early 20th Centuries, ankle and calf-length boots were common footwear for women. Rising hemlines made longer styles of boots popular. In 1913, Denise Poiret, the wife of celebrated French couturier Paul Poiret, caused a sensation in Paris and New York by wearing knee-length boots in wrinkled Morocco leather. Designed by her husband, made by the bottier Favereau, and styled with a low heel and a square toe, she had versions in red, white, green, and yellow. By 1915 The New York Times was reporting that, inspired by Mme Poiret, women had adopted these “Russian Boots” as an acceptable alternative to baring ankles and calves. By the 1920s Russian boots were available in a variety of styles, calf- or knee-length, with a Cuban or Louis heel, which could be pulled-on, or zip-fastened for a closer fit. Worn with knee-length skirts, they often featured decorative features such as elaborate stitching or fur trims.

Boots will always come in and out of fashion, but we are grateful for all of the amazing styles that are available to us. Because sometimes you just need your Wellies when you walk the dog in the rain 🙂

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