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Why the Skin on your Body requires a different HYDRATION than your Face

I realized that as I got older, the skin on my arms and legs was extremely dry. Even when I used a natural soap, the challenges of having soft skin again was perplexing to me. Then I read that as women age and enter menopause, the natural oils on our arms and legs stop producing. So I hunted for a product that would give my arms and legs their smoothness back.

Skin is the largest human organ — most of us have more than 20 square feet of it. But while it may seem the same, the skin on your legs, arms and everywhere else below the neck is dramatically different than the skin on your face, and it needs to be cared for differently.

To begin with, body skin is thicker. Compared to the paper-thin skin around your eyes, the skin on the bottom of your feet is about as thick as a pencil eraser. Even in areas that aren’t touching the ground all of the time, the added thickness makes body skin less sensitive than facial skin.

Body skin is also more prone to a buildup of dead cells. It has a lower cell turnover rate than facial skin, resulting in less naturally occurring exfoliation, according to Tim Falla, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development at Rodan + Fields.

Without proper care, the skin on your body also can make you look older than you are. Dr. Tim notes that body skin is drier than facial skin (your face is home to more sebaceous glands), and dry skin looks and acts like aging skin.

How do you care for the skin on your body?  With hydrating products designed specifically for thicker, drier skin, such as Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Body Replenish.

Featuring the 3D3P Molecular Matrix that draws in moisture from the atmosphere and locks it onto your skin, our best hydrating moisturizer adjusts to your skin’s needs, delivering hydration to the areas that need it most. Active Hydration Body Replenish also protects against future moisture loss to reveal skin that’s glowing, smooth and supple-looking.

Powered by Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin — like our face products, Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex and Active Hydration Serum — Active Hydration Body Replenish provides immediate and long-lasting body hydration to all skin types, for skin that’s visibly improved after just one use.

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